Thursday, May 24, 2012

The Piasau Boat Club, Miri, Sarawak

Piasau Camp, the Sarawak Shell housing area was constructed in the early 70's to house company employees. It is situated on a peninsula, separated from Miri town by the Miri river.

Piasau Camp is like most residential areas in and around Miri with the exception of its abundant greenery, open spaces, shade and lack of fences around gardens. The people of Miri come to Piasau Camp for an afternoon stroll or their weekly exercise run because its quiet and has a pleasant atmosphere.

The Piasau Boat Club (PBC) is overlooking the South China Sea. We fell instantly in love with Piasau Boat Club's peaceful ambience. It is literally the coolest place because there is often a sea breeze. The surrounding area is planted with big trees which gives it a tropical feeling, especially on a clear sunny day.

Unfortunately the seawater is not crystal clear blue, as it would be in our dreams, but it is always nice and warm. The beach is a public area and keeping the beach clean of drift wood and rubbish is a difficult task. The beach spans from the mouth of Miri river to the mighty Kuala Baram. Away from the Piasau Boat Club local fishermen have built simple huts along the beach under the pine trees.

The PBC does not only have a nice bar and good food at the restaurant that allows diners to enjoy the often stunning sunsets over a nice dinner or refreshing drink but is also the center for lots of activities like the Beach Triathlon and the Friday Fun Runs.  Amongst the facilities are a gym, tennis and squash courts, a beach volley ball and kids play area.

The PBC also provides various categories of sailboats as well as surfboards, kayaks, row boats and several power boats and equipment to go diving, water skiing and wake boarding. It is also possible to rent one of the boat for a nice, private river cruise or a fishing trip.

Membership checks have been reinforced lately, so it's not easy to get a drink or have lunch there unless you are lucky guests like us accompanied by a club member.

We were very sad to hear that this lovely club is in danger of being shut down as Shell has returned Camp Piasau to the city and there are plans afoot to demolish the Shell housing estate and develop the area. We really hope this does not happen, and Miri City keeps this historic club operational for the enjoyment of all.

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